Function of Q

Prepare minds. Create chances.


Technology has proved to improve the overall quality of all our lives. To make further progress, we need more capable minds than ever to mend technology to add more value to our lives.

Yet, most of the capable minds are left with limited choices and that stifles innovation. This state must be CHANGED.

We are here venturing out on a quest to build world-class teams and products for a better tomorrow for all of us.


We believe a better future is only possible by better ideas executed by the best teams.

f(q) helps great minds to form BEST TEAMS from around the world and to bring GREAT IDEAS to the world.


ACT.ONE is the first act for tech folks to start with any of our programs from Function of Q.

ACT_ONE will help you get your skills validated by completing mini-projects and have them reviewed by experienced reviewers from the industry.

We also provide you with a SQUAD profile where you can showcase your reviewed projects.

You can set the SQUAD profile to be public / private as you wish. We also provide SQUAD badges to add to your online profiles and link them to us as the central authority of trust.



NEXT_ stands for Next EXtend Technology Here

next_ is a program to connect folks who need help on technology with folks who can provide that.

Tech is not accessible equally for everyone, yet we all know the impact of technology on everything in our life. We set out to change that with this program.

If you are someone from fields such as education / healthcare / housing etc. and not a tech person but feel that tech can solve some of the problems you face, this is the place to be

If you are a tech person and you are tired of adding buttons on screens. If you are looking for meaningful problems to solve and want to find those problems, this is the place to be!